Climbing the Association Ladder, Embracing Digital and Marketplace Reinvention with Bill Lynch, CEM

August 25, 2020 HIP Network Season 1 Episode 10
Climbing the Association Ladder, Embracing Digital and Marketplace Reinvention with Bill Lynch, CEM
Show Notes

Thanks for joining us on Episode 10 with our guest Bill Lynch, CEM, Interim President at Specialty Food Association. The Traveling Podcast is hosted by industry veterans Dan Sherman and Ryan Barth, CMP.

In this episode we'll touch on the top stories in group business travel, live events and sports (subscribe to the Market in a Minute newsletter). In addition, Bill will share his thoughts on a climbing the association ladder, the evolution of the Fancy Food Show, bridging the face-to-face and virtual gap and forecasting the future of the trade show industry.

Bill Lynch, CEM
Interim President
Specialty Food Association

Bio: Bill Lynch has over 20 years of experience in a range of different organizations including event marketing, media and all aspects of a trade association. Over the course of his career, Bill has lead a variety of award-winning trade shows in various industries; created a customer service department servicing over 40,000 customers; ran office operations for a staff of 50+; lead production for an industry-leading magazine; and lead a membership team that produced double-digit membership growth along with new program/service development.

Currently Interim President at the SFA, Bill is accountable for leading an organization that is focused on creating and delivering value for its 4,000+ member companies through increasing members sales and profits while building community and connection to support a thriving specialty food industry.

Bill is passionate about what he does and he cares for the people he works with. An excellent leader and representative for a fantastic organization that is constantly innovating for the $148 billion specialty food industry. Outside of work, Bill is focused on family and their involvement in local community activities.

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