Techsytalk: Event Technology Trends, Virtual Platforms and Hybrid Events with Liz Caruso (King)

September 21, 2020 HIP Network Season 1 Episode 14
Techsytalk: Event Technology Trends, Virtual Platforms and Hybrid Events with Liz Caruso (King)
Show Notes

Thanks for joining us on Episode 14 with our guest Liz Caruso (King), CEO at Liz King Events. The Traveling Podcast is hosted by industry veterans Dan Sherman and Ryan Barth, CMP.

In this episode we'll touch on the top stories in group business travel, live events and sports (subscribe to the Market in a Minute newsletter). In addition, Liz will share her thoughts on entrepreneurship, event technology, virtual event platforms and strategy, hybrid events, sponsorship ROI and the future on "communities".

Liz Caruso (King)
Liz King Events
Upcoming Events: techsytalk global - A Virtual Experience - Nov 17-18, 2020

Liz Caruso (King):
Liz King Caruso is an Event Specialist, Consultant & Speaker who is passionate about impactful, successful & fun events. Liz launched Liz King Events while still running events FT for Columbia University and quickly became a thought leader/influencer amongst her peers after voraciously sharing content on event best practices.

Liz works with thought leaders like Ramit Sethi, Microsoft, SeatGeek, Teamworthy Ventures, Ramon Ray and many others to host strategic conferences and events that engage their audience, build their brand and sell their products and services.

She also works with other independent event hustlers to help them run more successful businesses through her consulting program called IGNITE. IGNITE helps amazing planners tap into their brilliance and build their thought leadership so they can get more of the right clients and become more financially stable. In addition, Liz ran one of the most iconic event-tech conference in the industry called techsytalk LIVE.

Liz has been featured in Successful Meetings list of 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry, Connect Magazine's list of 40 Under 40 Up-and-Coming Event Planners, and Meetings and Conventions list of Top Influential Female Leaders in the Events Industry, amongst other awards. 

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