Now & Next: The Future of Sustainable Travel, Tourism & Events with Eric Ricaurte

March 29, 2021 HIP Network Season 2 Episode 2
Now & Next: The Future of Sustainable Travel, Tourism & Events with Eric Ricaurte
Show Notes

Thanks for joining us for another great episode of TRAVELING Podcast with our guest Eric Ricaurte, Founder at Greenview. As always, the Traveling Podcast is hosted by industry veterans Dan Sherman and Ryan Barth, CMP.

In this episode we'll touch on the top stories in group business travel, live events, hospitality and sports (subscribe to the Market in a Minute newsletter). Dan will also give us a recap of his Las Vegas site visit to Caesars Forum, LVCC West Building and Resorts World.

Eric Ricaurte Discussion Points:

  • Did the pandemic stall or accelerate the travel, tourism and event industry's focus on sustainability?
  • From a consumer perspective, are we seeing a cultural shift or refocus on sustainable travel, lodging and transport?
  • What is the new role the Biden Administration will play in climate change?
  • How big of a role will carbon emissions play in our industry? 
  • What role will diversify, equity and inclusion play into global brands sustainability policies moving forward?
  • What current reporting standards or framework should event organizers, venues and host destinations utilize to report upon their sustainability impact?
  • As we shift towards recovery, what steps can the industry take towards tracking and communicating environmental, social and economic progress?

Guest BIO:

Eric Ricaurte
LinkedIn -

Eric founded Greenview in 2008, an international consultancy catalyzing innovation and best practice in sustainability and ESG, providing services for strategy, programs, data management, benchmarking, and reporting. 

Greenview’s clients include most of the largest hotel companies as well as hotel owners and developers, event organizers, cruise lines, NGOs, DMOs, OTAs and industry organizations including the WTTC and UNWTO. With 20 years of hands-on experience, Eric is a frequent speaker, convener, and researcher on the topic of sustainability. His notable industry work includes launching the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index, Green Lodging Trends Report, Destination Water Risk Index, Hotel Global Decarbonisation Report, and Hotel Owners for Tomorrow Coalition. 

Eric is a member of the UFI Committee on Sustainable Development and the International Standards Working Group of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Prior to founding Greenview, Eric specialized in the operations and development of nature-based lodges, theme parks and attractions in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Brazil. Eric earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and a Master of Science degree in Tourism & Travel Management from New York University. He has held a research fellowship at the Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research and been an adjunct instructor at New York University.

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